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Highest quality, exceptional guarantee

The highest quality, advanced technologies and proven in-use performance of building materials offered by Icopal S.A. Zduńska Wola makes it possible to cover them with a unique System of the Personal Icopal Quality Guarantee and exceptionally long guarantee period.

The System of Personal Icopal Quality Guarantee is unique due to several reasons, mostly because it is so simple, available, convenient and easily applied. The Customer – purchaser of products offered by Icopal S.A. individually documents his/ her guarantee rights, registering his/her purchase in the Icopal Internet Database within 45 days from the date of issuing the purchase document.

Icopal S.A. grants personal quality guarantees for individual products as well as for waterproofing bitumen systems. The longest guarantees cover even up to 35 years (in case of the application of: top membranes in Speed Profile SBS additionally protected with Silver Primer Speed Varnish SBS, waterproofing bitumen systems with Siplast Primer Speed Primer SBS and ventilation base membrane - Ventilation Base 3 Speed Syntan SBS).
For such an exceptional product as Decra, a standard guarantee period is 30 years and in case of the most prestigious product - Decra Elegance Acoustic Power – even 45 years. A detailed list of all guarantee periods can be found here.

Concluding a guarantee agreement, Icopal S.A. guarantees that during the whole guarantee period Icopal S.A. products will meet the declared properties, will be resistant to weather conditions and particularly will maintain their waterproofing properties.

The Personal Icopal Quality Guarantee is issued in writing and precisely specifies guarantee periods and the Guarantor’s responsibilities, due to which it is a reliable document providing the Purchaser of products offered by Icopal SA with all the rights resulting from the guarantee.

The Personal Icopal Quality Guarantee is based on:

  1. awareness of the highest product quality, proper production processes and technological regimes;
  2. system of factory production control certified and supervised by:
    • Building Research Institute in Warsaw, Poland – notification no. EU 1488,
    • Central Research and Development Institute for Building Waterproofing Industry, Katowice, Poland, notification no. EU 1486
    • Polish Centre for Testing and Certification in Gdańsk, Poland, notification no. 1434
    • Materialprüfungsamt, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – notification no. EU 0432,
    • WTCB (Belgian Building Research Institute) –notification no. EU 1136;
  3. Quality Management System ISO 9001 certified and supervised by TUV NORD Poland Sp. z o.o in Katowice, Poland;
  4. continuous voluntary supervision of Icopal SA products by an independent accredited and notified research body Central Research and Development Institute for Building Waterproofing Industry, Katowice, Poland, notification no. EU 1486;
  5. continuous research and development towards further improvement of procedures and products;
  6. research and development support of the Icopal Group through the International R & D Centres in Denmark, France and the United States

ICOPAL in the World

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